Cryptocurrency Could Ruin Your Relationship

There is a risk for people who invest in cryptocurrency – it could hurt their personal relationships, Bloomberg Wealth reported. This information comes from a survey done by SurveyMonkey that was done on behalf of .Tech Domains. The survey was done with 1,033 Americans and balanced by age and gender.

…And while there might be no harm in checking in on investment more frequently, it appears that being in the crypto market does come with very real consequences for many. In fact, 60% of crypto investors say their belief or investments in the cryptocurrency have had a negative impact on their personal relationships.

The information on .Tech Domains continues: “With countless stories of people selling homes and businesses to invest in crypto and the sheer polarizing nature of the topic, perhaps it’s not surprising that so many crypto investors have experienced strain on their personal relationships.”

How much a person invests in cryptocurrency matters. There’s a direct correlation between the percentage of someone’s net worth that’s invested in cryptocurrencies and the likelihood they say their personal relationships have been impacted negatively, Bloomberg Wealth reported.

According to information Bloomberg Wealth found in the survey, about 25% of those who have invested 10% or less of their net worth into cryptocurrency say that they’ve seen a negative impact on their relationships. That number rises to 73% for those who’ve invested 10% to 25% of their net worth, 94% for those who invested 50% to 75% of their net worth – and 100% for those who’ve invested 75% or more of their net worth.

This finding makes sense, because money is a very common thing that couples fight about. Sometimes one person is a “saver” and the other person is a “spender” – and this leads to disagreements.

Cryptocurrency, however, adds more fuel to that fire. People who are absolutely convinced that investing in it will make them rich could make some very inadvisable decisions as a result. It makes sense that the person’s significant other would get really upset after finding out their partner sold the house without telling them.

The survey didn’t ask about how people’s awareness of the fact that cryptocurrency has negative effects on the environment can affect a relationship. My best guess is that if one person in the relationship feels that protecting the environment is important, and the other is buying cryptocurrency – that relationship is doomed.