Apple Released macOS Catalina

Apple has released macOS Catalina today. There are some changes that people should be aware of before installing it. MacRumors put together an extremely informative blog post with tons of details. I will highlight just a few of them here.

Apple is removing iTunes. Personally, I think iTunes has always been a bit strange, so I won’t miss it when it is gone. I’ve had the misfortune of Apple losing most of my music and podcasts whenever there was an update. As such, I stopped using iTunes.

Apple is replacing iTunes with Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV. Device management capabilities that used to be housed in iTunes will be available through Finder.

Apple Music is using the former iTunes logo, a music note on a field of white. I wonder if this will confuse some people. MacRumors says Apple Music will house music you’ve purchased, imported, or acquired through Apple Music. Apple says Apple Music has been designed for Apple Music subscribers, but older features remain for for non-subscribers.

Apple Podcasts replaces the podcast functionality that was available in earlier versions of macOS. The new Apple TV app includes a “Watch Now” feature like on iOS and Apple TV, which offers personalized recommendations. You can start watching a show on any of your Apple devices, and pick it up on another device now that the TV app is available on the Mac.

Another important thing to know is that 32-bit apps are no longer able to run in macOS Catalina. MacRumors said that macOS Catalina warns when you install it that some apps are not going to work, letting you know which apps will need to be replaced. Before you install macOS Catalina, you may want to find out if it will prevent you from using 32-bit apps that you need for work.