Productivity App Todoist Comes to Windows 10

Todoist LogoI’m a fan of to-do list/productivity app Todoist. I find its minimalist design allows me to really focus on the tasks I need to get done now, as opposed to just showing me a seemingly endless collection of things I could never really hope to accomplish. I use Todoist’s native Mac and iOS apps where they’ve worked flawlessly. Now, users of devices running Windows 10 will be able to get the full Todoist experience as well. Earlier this week, the app was officially released for the latest version of the Windows platform.

Todoist for Windows 10 is a universal app. It will run natively on desktop computers as well as mobile devices that use Windows 10. The app automatically adjusts to any screen size, making it easy to find the information you need. In full-screen mode, users can see an overview of all of the tasks they’ve entered into Todoist. When it’s time to focus on a specific task or series of tasks, a simple click or tap can change the screen to daily view, project view, or other list options.

Information is automatically synced between devices. Users can start entering a note on one device and then seamlessly update that note on another device. Todoist even has a robust offline mode. If a user enters information into the app while offline, it’ll update to all devices as soon as the user is online again.

Todoist for Windows 10 is available as a free download from the Microsoft Store. Following in the tradition of other platform-specific releases, Todoist is running a giveaway for a new Microsoft Surface tablet. Learn more about the app and the contest by following the link at the top of this entry.