Feedly Introduces Shared Collections

feedly logoFeedly has announced the launch of a new service called Shared Collections. This new feature allows users to create special pages that contain everything they’d like to share from the feeds they’re following. A Shared Collections page is more than just a simple listing of RSS items. It can also be used by a team for collective sharing and collaboration. The look of these pages can also be customized to fit a specific theme or brand.

Shared Collections is an opt-in feature available as part of Feedly Pro. Feedly suggests that Shared Collections could be used in these ways:

  • Help your organization all follow the same publications, blogs, YouTube feeds, and Google Alerts
  • Lead your industry by curating and sharing a rich list of must-follow reads
  • Make it easy to promote your company or agency’s thought leadership by putting all of your employees’ blogs and social media in one easy-to-follow branded page
  • Organize your social media curation efforts by getting your team organized with the same sources

If you’d like to learn more about using Shared Collections, Feedly has posted a tutorial on using the service as well as a search page for finding existing collections.

Shared Collections is available thru Feedly Pro for $5.41/month for individuals and $12.08/month for teams.