GNC #1037 No Phone for You

I want to Welcome Harry’s back as a Sponsor and you can get yourself an awesome shave by using my promo code on their website.. See the Show notes for details.. I talk tonight about consequences of distracted driving and what a judge has handed down in Lansing Michigan. I also discuss what happens when you delete browser history and the feds come knocking.. Send your comments to geeknews @

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Show Notes:
No Phone for You.
Our Windows 10 Connected Home.
Paypal changes their mind.
Samsung Leak.
Disney Hiring H-1B Workers firing IT Staff.
Does Apple TV Win?
Do the Crime do the Time.
Nest 6-17 Announcement.
Twitter is Cruel.
Don’t delete that Browser History or Should You.
VirScan = Awesome.
Gruesome but OMG the Possibilities.
SpaceX Internet.
Mission Control.
Faster – Cheaper to Mars?
MediaTek Chips in Chromebook.
Evil Wi-Fi for iPhone.
Android M – Hidden Stuff.
Get your Steam Machine Today.
Drone Monitoring Test.
Apple TV to control your Home?
Android TV 600 Channels.
Sling TV Latino.
In Store Apple Watch T-Minus 14.
Sergey on the Wrecks.
Gawker goes Union.
Periscope Map Update.
Airbnb and Setting host pricing.
Chrome Beta and Flash Optimization.
More Ethanol Recovery.
Popcorn Buzz.
Troll gets Spanked.

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