Stay Hydrated with H2OPal at CES

h2opal logoStaying hydrated is key for maintaining a good baseline of personal health. But do we really know how much water we’re taking in every day? Sure, many fitness-tracking apps will let us log how much water we’ve had, but they rely on manual input, and it’s not always easy to remember just how many trips we’ve taken to the water cooler on any given day.

Jamie met up with Matej Marjanovic, cofounder of H2oPal, a device that attaches to any water bottle and tracks water consumption. H2oPal then automatically sends that information to a smartphone app so there’s no guesswork as to just how much water has been consumed throughout the day.

H2oPal is currently available for preorder, with an expected retail price of between $80 and $100. Matej said that customers who order early will likely be offered a discount.

Interview by Jamie Davis of Health Tech Weekly for the TechPodcast Network.

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