Has Apple Lost It’s Mojo?

For quite a number of years I was completely put off by the aura of negative, often downright vituperative groupthink exuded by Apple users. Regardless of the merits of Apple products, the Apple user base itself gave me pause and kept me away. An analogy is to be found with Bittorrent. The technology itself is neither good nor bad, however a substantial portion of the Bittorrent user base has made Bittorrent synonymous with digital piracy.

Once Steve Jobs returned to Apple, he opened the company up to the mainstream by switching the Mac to Intel processors and making Apple products compatible with Microsoft Windows. Jobs was able to open Apple up to the mainstream at the same time he seemed to push the bitter user base aside somewhat. Also there was the long succession of great products, including the iPad I'm typing this on that helped make Apple fabulously successful.

In the wake of the death of Jobs, a deterioration of attitude has taken place. Apple has lost it's mojo. Apple software updates are much more likely to contain serious bugs, or as in the case of “Maps” were not even close to being ready for prime time. Jobs wanted things perfect before he would let them out the door. Most concerning to me as a consumer is the bitter groupthink portion of the Apple user base seems to have come back out in force.

It's not only the increasingly vocal bitter Apple user base that is disconcerting. Apple itself seems to be hell-bent on revenge. These never-ending, completely absurd lawsuits against Samsung demonstrate an organization that's lost its innovation mojo trying to get it back via abuse of the legal system, very much akin to an abusive spouse trying to get respect back via violence.

As a technology consumer, my brand loyalty is quite shallow. I have a long track record of buying products and services that are the most innovative, and if that means switching brands, I switch brands.

I recently switched smartphones for the 5th time. At any point I could have had an iPhone. I thought about it more than once. However, this bitter decline helped me vote with my feet and go with a Galaxy Note 3. If current trends continue I will likely never but another Apple product. The Mac computers I have are being used less than ever, so by the time they completely wear out I won't bother replacing them. The unpleasant behavior of Apple and the groupthink user base will likely prevent me from purchasing any future Apple mobile devices.

Once Steve Jobs' health problems were made public, there was a period of ongoing speculation about what would become of Apple once he was gone. Alas, now we know.


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