Medfolio Pill Organizer

Do you have a relative or love one who is on a lot of medication that they are constantly forgetting to take. Perhaps you have trouble keeping track of your own medicine. If these cases sound familiar to you then you may be interested in the new Pill box by Medfolio. Julie Fulmer-Mason a pharmacist is the creator of the pill-box by Medfolio.

This is an old fashion pill-box brought into the twenty-first century. The pill-box comes with a CD which the user down loads to their computer. They connect the box to the computer by USB. They then enter the medicine they are taking, how often they are supposed to take it, how many days they are to take it for and what time of day they should take it into the easy to use software. Then they put the pills in the proper box. This can be either set up by the user or often their pharmacist will set it up for them.

Once it is set up then when it is a time to take a pill the box will send out both an audio and visual reminder. The actual compartment where the correct pill is will also light up. The user can remove a compartment and take it with them and still get a reminder by either text or email. The user can print out a chart of the pills they are taking and place that chart on the pill-box lid along with sample pills. The patient can take the box along with them to the doctor, that way both the patient and the doctor will know exactly what medicine the patient is on. There is also a  cloud service available which can be used to keep track of things remotely. Great for families with elderly parents who live far away.

The basic pill-box is $248 and the WiFi version with cloud service is $298.00. There is an $8.00 monthly service fee for the text and email reminders.  The Medfolio Pill Organizer is available through Medfolio,  Amazon, QVC and

Interview by Chris Montera of Health Tech Weekly

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