Facebook adds new features to its Android app

This morning Facebook quietly pushed a fairly major update to it’s Android app. The company has been largely taken to task over it’s mobile app due it’s lack of functionality and poor performance. This new update certainly doesn’t fix all of the problems and it won’t make customers suddenly happy, but there are a few nice new functions added.

First up there is the ability to share items from your news feed. It’s about time! You will now see a small share button at the bottom right of each item. You can click this and then write a comment to go along with your share.

You can also create albums now by clicking the “Photo” button above the timeline. This brings up a page that displays all of the photos stored on your device. By default all of them are checked, which is a bit of a hassle because it means you need to uncheck most before getting started.

Finally, Facebook has made some improvements to photo tagging and included a fix for a status update failure affecting some users.

The changes do help to improve the experience, but the app still doesn’t feel native to Android. In fact, Facebook has recently been coaxing it’s employees to begin using Android phones in order to better know how the app works with hopes of making more improvements.