Lookout for Android Has Something Big Planned

While the vast majority of Android users will probably never need to worry about malware contaminating their smartphone, it never really hurts to play it safe by installing something like Lookout.  If you install non-Google Play Store apps then this can be especially important to you and Lookout is perhaps the best option in this genre of mobile software.  If you are already a Lookout user then you may have received a teaser in your email inbox today.

There wasn’t much, well actually any, information about what is coming.  It was simple announcement that stated “Only 7 more days.  GET FIRED UP!  We’re taking mobile security to the next level. Stay tuned!”  Lookout already works as an anti-virus, allows you to backup your data, scans each download, scans new files on your SD card and provides a phone locator service.

So, what could they possibly have in store?  A couple of things come to mind, such as scanning the sites you visit in your mobile browser or perhaps scanning shortened URL’s received in email and texts.  While both of those things would be handy, they don’t seem big enough to warrant a teaser such as this.  We’ll know for sure next week.  In the meantime, if you would like to check out the app then head over to the Google Play Store where it’s available for free.

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