Help Trick-Or-Treaters Avoid “Zombie Mouth”

Halloween is coming up in just a few weeks. Those of you who are expecting to see trick-or-treaters at your door are probably thinking about what type of candy you should hand out this year. Instead of candy, why not give them Plants vs. Zombies?

The American Dental Association has teamed up with PopCap Games, the maker of Plants vs. Zombies. They want to redefine what a Halloween “treat” can be and help kids to avoid having “Zombie Mouth”, (which is an interesting way to describe cavities, gum disease, and bad breath).

Go to the StopZombieMouth website website and you can download printable coupons for a free Plants vs. Zombies PC/Mac game. Hand the coupons for a free game to the trick-or-treaters this Halloween. The kids can go to the StopZombieMouth website from October 30, 2012, through November 10, 2012, to redeem the coupons. You can also get limited-edition collectible Plants vs. Zombies trading cards with a code for the free Plants vs. Zombies downloadable game from local dentists.

PopCap Games has created an amusing video, complete with a song, that is intended to teach kids about some of the reasons why they need to practice good oral hygiene and avoid too many sweets. It is a cartoon where the “Putrid Posse” sing about how they are going to give kids “Zombie Mouth”. The video is clearly designed to interest children, and is amusing, but some adults might find the song a bit obnoxious.

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