Amazon Set to Announce 2 Kindle Fire 7’s?

Rumors have been flying lately around the new Kindle Fire that everyone seems to know is coming, but has no proof of.  Those rumors were compounded last week when Amazon announced the the tablet was “sold out” and no longer available.  Many of the rumors have surrounded a 10 inch version of the tablet to complement the current 7 inch, but now c|net is reporting that, in fact, there will be 2 Kindle Fires, but both will be of the 7 inch variety.

2 tablets that are the same size may sound strange at first, but it really isn’t – after all, there are multiple versions of the iPad that are all the exact same size.  According to the report, Amazon will announce an updated version of the current model, along with a brand new, higher-end model.

The upgraded current model will likely have a new user interface, but it’s unclear if there will be any hardware changes.   On the other hand, the new higher-end model will (supposedly) contain a faster processor, camera, a physical volume control button and an HDMI port.  The Verge recently posted a possible image of the new tablet.

One rumor that has not yet surfaced is pricing.  It’s generally assumed that the updated current model will come with a new, lower price tag – perhaps as low as $149 to undercut the biggest competition, the Nexus 7.  There is no speculation for pricing on the high-end model.  An announcement from Amazon should be forthcoming this week.