Thanks Apple! Your Win Pushed Me to Buy a Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Let me be clear that I only casually paid attention to the Apple-Samsung court circus and that I am an Android user anyway.  Further, I had been planning to buy a Samsung Galaxy Nexus for some time.  What Apple really accomplished with their win yesterday was lighting a fire under my behind and prompting me to hurry up and place that order right away, before that silly injunction against the Nexus gets brought back.  So, for that I thank Apple.  I should have my new phone in a couple of days.

As for the court case itself, Samsung has promised to appeal, so it’s not really over.  There has also been a lot of talk about how the real winner in all of this was Microsoft and Windows Phone.  Microsoft is certainly playing it that way with a few well placed tweets from Windows Phone executives.

However, what seems to be mostly overlooked is that the real winner, verdict aside, may be Samsung themselves who, thanks to their devices and a healthy amount of publicity (there really is no such thing as bad publicity) was propelled to the number two mobile phone maker in the world, with the Galaxy S III being the most talked about device for several months running now.  With an appeal in the works, it may not even cost them the billion dollars Apple was tentatively awarded, and even if it does it would be a small price to pay – after all, Microsoft paid 8 billion just to buy Skype.  Thinking of it as one eighth of Skype puts the price in perspective.

As for that alleged Samsung copying Apple claim?  Check out this image of the new Samsung store in Sydney, Australia…

4 thoughts on “Thanks Apple! Your Win Pushed Me to Buy a Samsung Galaxy Nexus

  1. Copycat or not, Android is a perfectly good platform. I own both an iPad and a Nexus 7. The iPad has gained some dust sitting on my coffee table for the last month or so. I still like IOS and could give S#@% who holds the patents. Just give me a good device and software. Let the lawyers work it out.

  2. Nobody reads this blog anyway, and I’m sure Apple won’t care if they lose another sale to someone more interested in a plastic knock-off copycat phone.

    Enjoy it, but don’t think for a second we care or think your opinion is going to derail the Apple train.

    P.S. For every outspoken person who claims they buy an Apple competitors product I’d bet I talk 12 people into buying iPhones or iPads. You need to work harder!

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