Samsung Unveils Galaxy Note 10.1 Ad with James Franco

Samsung recently unveiled the Galaxy Note 10.1, a larger version of the surprisingly popular overgrown phone that debuted earlier this year.  The tablet is available now for a starting price of around $400 and Samsung has begun pushing the device with a new ad that rolled out this weekend.

The new ad features actor James Franco of Spiderman and 127 Hours fame.  The ad, which is almost three minutes in length, shows off many of the things you can do with new Galaxy Note 10.1 in your everyday life, by showing Franco walking through the set of the advertisement itself.  It’s a unique approach, and rather Apple-like, although saying that brings up the specter of the whole lawsuit and reminds us of the cheeky Conan O’Brien skit from last week.

Check out the ad posted below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Source: Samsung Mobile