Your Computer Problem is Due to Mercury in Retrograde

Has your computer suddenly developed some odd glitches? Are you having problems with software, hardware, or keeping your laptop charged? Perhaps it is because Mercury is in retrograde. You don’t necessarily have to believe in Astrology in order to use this excuse.

For the past two days, the external hard drive that is attached to my computer has developed an odd twitch. It kept popping up a “warning” that informed me that the disk had been improperly ejected. This would pop up sometimes without me even being in the room my computer is located in. To fix it, I had to go into the Finder, and eject the external drive. Next, I shut if off, and turned it back on, and it has been fine since then.

Today, my iTunes suddenly decided that it needed me to enter my Apple ID and my password. My iTunes is located on my external hard drive, so I thought that this could be the reason it wanted me to enter that information. The odd thing, though, is that I was listening to podcasts that were located on my iTunes yesterday, after ejecting the external drive, and turning it off and back on. It waited until today to suddenly ask for my information.

My husband works from home. His computer connects to the computers at the office he works for. Today, the lights in the room his computer is located in, at home, dimmed, but didn’t blow out. Immediately after that, several systems at the office he was remotely connected to crashed.

Why is this happening? It could be because Mercury is in retrograde. The planet Mercury is said to govern all transportation and communication issues. The result is that computer equipment crashes, paychecks get delayed (or lost entirely), and emails disappear into the ether after you send them. People end up unexpectedly late for work, accidentally forget meetings, and take longer than usual to respond to to email.

There is a handy website called “Is Mercury in Retrograde?” Today, it says “Yes. That may account for the weirdness”. It also provides a countdown to when Mercury will stop being in retrograde, and our computers will return to normal functionality once again.

Image: Stock-Photo-Mercury by BigStock