What Can We Expect at Google I/O?

This Wednesday, June 27th, the Google I/O conference kicks off in San Francisco.  Like any big show, there are countless rumors swirling about what will be announced and everyone has a guess, but unfortunately guesses are all they really are.  Some seem probable based on known information and some are simply fanciful wishes.  What can be expected based on known information and leaks?

Several things seem likely to be unveiled at the Moscone Center, the biggest of which is the long-anticipated Google Nexus tablet, built by Acer.  Android version 4.1, code-named Jelly Bean, also will almost certainly be shown off.  In fact, these two products likely will be unveiled together with the tablet running Android 4.1.  There is also credible information that Google’s Assistant (their Siri competitor) will be seen for the first time.  Finally,we can expect to learn more about Google Project Glass.

Less likely, but not out of the question is information on Android@Home (announced last year, but still not available) and updates to Google TV.  There have also been some rumors of an expanded line of Nexus phones.

The one thing we can almost certainly expect is a few surprises.  Google I/O kicks off June 27th and runs through the 29th.  The entire event, including the much-anticipated keynote, will be streamed live on the web for those who can’t make it to the event.

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