New Neumann Microphone Capsules

Neumann Microphone CapsuleNeumann is introducing two new microphone capsules the KK 204 and KK 205 for the Sennheiser 2000 Series at NAB (National Association of Broadcast Show).  The KK 204 capsule has a cardioid pattern. Which means the sensitivity pattern is heart shape. It suppresses the sound originating from 180 degrees to the rear. The KK 205 has a supercardioid pattern which maximize the sound coming from the front and minimizes the sound coming from the rear.

The KK 204 and KK 205 both have foam-lined grill to ensure smooth sound. They also offer excellent resistance to feed back. They are both built to dampen any popping sound the speaker may accidental produce. They come in black and nickel finishes. They are robust and easy to service.  A nylon bag is provided which can carry the capsules, a handheld transmitter, battery packs and other accessories. These capsules are made for microphones that are used for vocal or speech.

Neumann work with sound goes back to the early 1900’s with its founder Georg Neuman.  Neumann has been around as a company since 1928 and is based in Germany. It has won a number of awards for product designs and innovation. It is represented in over 50 countries worldwide by Sennheiser.  You can find further details about these microphone capsules at the Neuman Website.