Targus Stylus for the iPad

I like to draw and doodle, so I recently brought a couple of drawing applications for my iPad including Paper by FiftyThree and Sketchbook MobileX and Draw Some. I quickly discovered that drawing with your finger maybe fun, but it is very imprecise. It is like doing finger-painting. Despite what Steve Jobs said there are times when a stylus is the right tool for the job. Sunday I went down to the local Best Buy to pick up a stylus. They had several styli available priced from below $10.00 to above $30.00 for a Wacom stylus. One of the problems I ran into was there was no way to test the stylus since they were all in packages. I ended up picking up the Stylus for the iPad by Targus for $13.77.

The Targus Stylus for the iPad is smaller and slightly thinner then a regular pen. It is about 4 3/8 inches long. It comes in black, blue and red. It was only available in black at the local Best Buy. Like a regular pen it has a clip. On the end is a small loop, where you could loop a chain on lanyard through. Unfortunately however no chain was provided. It has some weight to it so it feels you are holding a small pen. I did noticed that if I hold it the way I would a regular pen, the clasp sits in the space between my thumb and finger. After holding it for a while I noticed it started to dig in and it felt uncomfortable. Because of this I have to hold the stylus lower than I would a normal pen. The tip which you write or draw with is a small rubber nub. You don’t have to press hard for the stylus to work, but you do have to be consistent. If you are not consistent it does have the tendency to skip occasionally.  Finding a stylus you like is a very personal thing and can be a matter of trial and error. I am not sure the Targus Stylus for the iPad is the one for me because of the clip issue but it does get good reviews online by a lot of people so I do recommend trying it.  Have you found a stylus that you really like and how do you use it.