Teen Sends Lego Space Shuttle Into Space

An eighteen year old named Raul Oaida, who is from Romania, is a big fan of NASA’s Space Shuttle program. When he learned that the program had ended, he decided to see if he could manage to launch a replica of the Space Shuttle, made out of Legos, into the upper atmosphere of Earth. Surprisingly, he managed to actually succeed at doing it!

Who doesn’t love Legos? I have several fond memories of building things out of Legos with my younger brothers. We managed to put together some creative and interesting things with the little colorful blocks, but nothing that compares to what Raul Oaida created.

The teen used LinkedIn to make contact. with Steve Sammartino, a venture capitalist from Melbourne, Australia. Raul Oaida was looking for an investor who could help him to finance his project.

The two eventually ended up talking on Skype, where Raul Oaida kept asking questions of Steve Sammartino. The result was that the venture capitalist became inspired by how earnest, and excited, the teenager was about this project. He agreed to manage the funding aspects that were necessary in order to make the project happen.

Raul Oaida put together a small model of a Space Shuttle that was made from Lego bricks that he glued together. The glue was to help the little plastic blocks to stay connected so that the model would survive the 124mph atmospheric winds it would be exposed to during its flight. The Lego Space Shuttle had a large weather balloon attached to it. There also was a styrofoam box that contained a camera and some tracking equipment attached to the model.

The launch of the Lego Space Shuttle happened on December 31, 2011. It took place in Germany, in part because it seems that Romania has laws that do not allow people to just go ahead and launch things into space whenever they want to. The Lego Space Shuttle ascended to 130,000 feet. An impressive video was taken during the launch, which can be viewed on YouTube. I highly recommend you check it out!

Image: Space Shuttle Flying Left on White Stock Photo by BigStock

2 thoughts on “Teen Sends Lego Space Shuttle Into Space

  1. When I was a teen, I was a Young Astronaut, which was not uncommon since I lived in Houston, a home of NASA. But THIS kid? WOW! He truly defines what all of us really wanted back then — to go to space. KUDOS, Mr. Raul Oaida! From one ‘astronaut’ to another! You did exceedingly well! And thanks to Mr. Sammartino, too, without his funding, it might not have happened at all. We certainly need more angel investors, and definitely need more young astronauts finding their angels in space.

  2. Wow! That’s great! Couldn’t even imagine that it is possible.
    My child is fond of Lego. We both was amazed that such inventions are real! Thank you for such information.

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