Eventbrite Launches Credit Card Reader for iPad

Eventbrite has come up with a ingenious device that will make it much easier for people who are trying to sell tickets to an event. They have created At The Door It is a credit card reader dongle for the iPad. You can get one for free. (The dongle costs $10.00, which is directly credited to your Eventbrite account).

Eventbrite is a self-service ticketing and events platform. It offers consumers an online set of tools that they can use to organize, promote, and sell out ticketed events of any kind, (no matter how large or small that event happens to be). This is great for people who do not have professional resources to help them to host an event and to handle ticket sales for them.

The dongle can be used to sell tickets to fund-raisers. It can be used by musicians who preform at a coffee shop, bar, or other venue, and who want to sell CDs, t-shirts, and other merchandise. People who teach yoga classes can use the dongle to enable students to quickly and easily pay for the class they are about to take.

In the past, the only option for entrepreneurs, artists, teachers, and charities was either to have everyone pay in cash, or to learn how to go about getting a hand held credit card reader. The dongle makes things much easier!

Now, it is possible for a person to connect the dongle to their iPad, and then use their iPad as a mobile box office. It allows you to sell tickets to an event right at the door. It makes it easier for people to purchase merchandise from the event. It will even keep track of the number of people who attended the event. It really is an “all in one” solution.

It has a lot of very interesting features. It has an optimized checkout flow that allows the application to process over 400 transactions per hour. The At the Door card readers get a “good swipe” every time, thanks to the connection to the 30-pin adapter (instead of through the headphone jack). This eliminates the need to re-swipe a credit card in order for a transaction to go through.

It has wireless integration with the Star TSP143 printer for tickets and customer receipts. The app can do cash drawer reconciliation. The credit card reader itself has encryption on it. This means that all data that is transmitted through the iPad that is using the dongle is fully protected.

To celebrate the launch of the dongle, Eventbrite is waiving service fees on transactions made through At The Door. Only the credit card processing costs will be applied.

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