WaterBlock by HzO

We’ve all done it. You’ve got your favorite smart phone, tablet or music player with you and you are washing dishes or maybe you are near a pool and you accidentally drop your device into the water. If you are lucky you spend a couple of days waiting for the device to dry out. If you are unlucky, as most people are, you may have to replace the device entirely. Eighty-three percent of all consumers have dealt with water damage to their electronic products. WaterBlock by HzO has been created to help solve this problem.

WaterBlock is a nanotechnology that protects electronic devices from damage by water moisture and small debris. The chemical property of WaterBlock is proprietary but the formula is a nontoxic, inert gases. The Coating is applied using a vacuum process. The device is placed in a sealed chamber and all gaseous particles are removed. An organic gas is then introduced coating the device, building up a solid film. The product is organic and nontoxic. It is a stable compound and will outlive most devices it coats. Waterblock is not a consumer product, it is applied during the manufacturing process. Currently WaterBlock is being used in the iPhone 4, iPads, Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire and many other devices. HzO hopes to have WaterBlock applied to as many devices as possible and is in talk with all major manufactures of consumer electronic devices. HzO is a privately held corporation it was spun off from ZAGG in August 2011.

WaterBlock is intended to protect from accidental drop in water or being caught in a rain shower for example. It is not intended to protect the device if you forget and take it snorkeling with you or leave it soaking in water overnight. How good it works is something only time will tell, unfortunately actual numbers are hard to come by but if it protects your device it’s worth it. Waterblock was introduced to the public at CES 2012, to rave reviews.