SmartGoggles by Sensics

If you are a gamer you know that the best games are those that you can immerse yourself in. That is the idea behind 3D goggles. The trouble with most of them is that they require you to be connected by wire to a video source and cable, limiting the users mobility. Sensics will be introducing new 3D goggles technology at CES 2012 called SmartGoggles, they are being advertised as intelligent, immersive and interactive. They use technology based on professional head-mounted displays. They have great resolution and depth of field. They allow for the real-time 360 degree tracking of the users hands without wires or the need for an external computer. This will allow the gamer to track their location and route no matter where they go or are going. This will allow for greater portability and on board intelligence. These new SmartGoggles will not only be great for gaming but also with other entertainment devices.  SmartGoggles can run almost, any Android application, connect to the cloud and work with numerous devices. The application processor embedded in the goggles is so powerful you can run and store Android applications locally on the goggles.   Yuval Boger Sensics Chief Executive Officer said “SmartGoggles revolutionize 3D goggles the same way that Smart Phones revolutionized mobile phones”

Sensics will be doing private demonstration in the South hall ground Leval MP 25942 at CES 2012. At this point there are no googles on the market that use the  SmartGoggles technology.  They are looking for developers to start developing for the platform.   SmartGoggles technology will be available to consumer electronics companies to building goggles that their customers will love, hopefully by late spring 2012.   Maybe, hopefully soon real immersive gaming will become a reality.