Motorola Atrix 2 Review

Motorola Atrix 2 My Motorola Atrix 2 arrived late Wednesday afternoon, and I’ve been playing with it since then, and I am very happy with my purchase. First a little background, I have been an iPhone user almost since it first came out. Before getting the Atrix 2 I was using the iPhone 4. My iPhone’s was no longer functioning properly due to a broken Home button and I wasn’t willing to pay $199 for the iPhone 4s at this time. After a lot of research I decided to pick up the Motorola Atrix 2. The first thing I noticed was the screen size. If you pick up an iPhone and then a Atrix 2 , the screen on the Atrix 2 (4.3 inches) is the same size as the whole iPhone. It is longer and wider then the iPhone. The border area of the Atrix 2 is much smaller than the iPhone, which gives it even more screen real-estate. Not only is it a big screen but it has a beautiful looking non-PenTile display. Although the Atrix 2 is large, it feels good in my hand. I can hold it in portrait mode in one hand and reach across the screen with my thumb comfortably. I also like the curve smooth edges and the textured back.  Its feels good in my hand. It doesn’t feel quite as substantial as the iPhone, but it doesn’t feel cheap either. I actually like the feel of it better than the iPhone, which now feels rough in my hand. One of the downside of having such a nice screen is it is a battery hog if it is kept at the level that it is set at when you turn the phone on. Yesterday I noticed that my battery was down to 30 percent with less than 6 hours of usage and when I looked at what was using up the battery the display was at 33 percent. Fortunately I was able to find an app called Bataria, which automatically adjust the display and other settings to get better battery usage. With the adjustments made, the battery was still at 60 percent after 6 hours of usage. The other big complaint I have is the lack of storage. It comes with 8 GB of internal storage and a 2 GB Micro SD card, however much of the internal storage is used up by the Web OS. I have already order a new 32 GB Micro SD card from Amazon, after only two days of usage. The UI is easy to understand and use. I have found most of the apps I’ve looked for in the Android market however I have to say that some of the apps I looked at would have never even made it into the iPhone app store. Whether this is a good or bad thing, maybe in the eye of the beholder. There are things that I am still getting use to and don’t know if I am going to use like swype and voice commands, but after only 2 days of usage I am very happy with my purchase. My only other question is will it get Ice Cream Sandwich and when.

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