Safety Web – When Mom’s eyes-in-the-back-of-her-head is just not enough!

With teenagers in the house, and everyone having their own computer, it’s hard to keep track of what they are doing and where they are going online, and more importantly, what poor choices they may be making, especially on social networking sites.  I have my kids’ usernames and passwords, so I can check once in a while, and they are not allowed to block content from me on social networking sites that we both participate in (like facebook).  But still…there are a lot of grey areas I just can’t keep up with.

Along comes SafetyWeb, which promises to keep an eye on what your child is up to online.  SafetyWeb uses your child’s email address to keep an eye on 100 social networking sites that your child may be using.  If your child uses multiple email addresses (like mine do) SafetyWeb can watch them all.  Reports on online activity can be as detailed or general as you want them to be.  And you can also add mobile phone monitoring as well.  The intent is to know when your child is being bullied, or when they’ve posted something potentially destructive to their future. Results are fed to you via email on a regular basis, and certain types of alerts can be sent via text to your cell phone.  You also have access to Android and iPhone apps to help you monitor when you’re away from your pc or laptop.

You can choose to pay a flat fee for a year’s worth of service, or be billed monthly via credit card or your phone bill.  Discounted rates apply for your second and third child.

SafetyWeb is owned by Experian, the credit reporting company.