Mohu Leaf Antenna: You Don’t Need Cable

Did you know that you can get free HD over the air with an antenna. The truth is some of the best HD comes through over the air resources. The best way to get these channels is by using an outdoor antenna, but for people who live in an apartment that’s not very realistic.  Most indoor antennas don’t work very well and you constantly have to reposition them to get different channels to come in. Mohu Inc leading producer of antenna technology has been working to solve this problem. Their latest product is the Mohu Leaf.

The Mohu Leaf is an indoor antenna that picks up all available over the air channels in an area without constant repositioning. It is manufactured in the US. It was originally designed for the military by Greenwave Scientific antenna engineers.  Dr Mark Buff the president of Mohu Inc decided to buy an ad on  Time Warner Cable for the holiday season.    Their ad spot stated that consumers “do not need expensive cable service to watch HD programs.”. Mohu assumed that there would not be a problem since Direct TV and Dish Network also competitors to Time Warner Cable have ads on cable.  Unfortunately Time Warner Cable in Columbus, Ohio and Kansas City, thought differently and refused to air the Mohu Leaf commercials. This is the commercial that they were going to run.

I haven’t tried the Mohu Leaf myself, but all the reviews I read on-line have been positive. It is sad, that Time Warner chose not to run this commercial in certain areas. It is even sadder that they are able to block Mohu ability to advertise on cable. Hopefully this on-line video will become viral and Mohu will have the last laugh.