Toddy Smart Cloth News

Toddy Smart ClothSo you decided to get an iPad or perhaps a Kindle Fire, a smartphone or a tablet running Android for someone’s Christmas present or perhaps for yourself. What do all these devices have in common, a glass screen you touch. Which means after using them for about 5 minutes they are covered by finger prints. Which means you need to find a cloth to wipe them with. You don’t want to use just any cloth, even the softest cotton cloth can leave microscopic scratches. You need a microfiber cloth. You can pick up an generic one at almost anywhere, but why not get one that has style. Why not get a Toddy Smart Cloth.

The Toddy Smart Cloth has two distinct sides, one side is made of microfiber for cleaning and the other side is silk for buffing and polishing. The silk side comes in 44 prints and vibrant colors. The cloth is covered by Aegis Microbe an antimicrobial coating that prevents the spread of germs. It absorbs oils, dust and smudges, no spray needed. It is washable in cold water and tumble dry. It will be something that you will be proud to carry for years to come.

The great news that came out this week is that you can now get Toddy cloths at your local Best Buy,  Target along with Amazon and the Toddy Gear Website.  If you want to get one that is personalized with your brand, you still have to go to the Toddy Gear site. Toddy Cloths are 5×7 for $9.99 and 9×9 for $14.99. Toddy Smart Cloths are great stocking stuffers for Christmas or just pick up some for yourself.