Celebrate National Piano Day with a Korg MicroPiano

Back in 1991 the Piano Foundation wanted to encourage the playing and appreciation of the piano and piano music. They made Schroeder from Peanuts their spokesman and announced that September would be National Piano month. Which makes this a perfect time to start your children with piano lessons or perhaps take up the piano yourself. Growing up we had a piano at home and took piano lessons. The piano we had was nothing fancy. it was a normal upright piano. It sounded ok, but if you really wanted a great piano sound, the answer was and still is a grand piano. Now you could go out and buy a grand piano. However for most of us that is not very practical in terms of budget or space. Plus an upright or grand piano are clearly not very portable. So there are two problems with a piano either upright or grand, size and expense.

If you are looking for a piano that is both portable and not too expensive a possible solution is the Korg MicroPiano. The MicroPiano is 30.79 x 11.46 x 5.47 in and weighs 11.46 lbs. It has a lid that opens and props up like a grand piano. It comes in red and black. It has 61 keys. The keys feel natural and produce a robust and grand piano like sound through built-in speakers. You can also connect it to an external amplifier. It has multiple sound programs including, harpsichord, toy piano, clavinet, vibraphone, marimba, celeste, kalimbas, steel drum, music box, steel drum, organ, flutes, accordion, strings, harps and bells. There are 40 Demo songs available. It can run off of either DC 9 volt power or 6 AA batteries. It does have a headphone/line-out stereo jack. It also has a damper pedal connection where you can connect an optional damper pedal. Because this piano is so compact, it is highly portable and is great for parties and get together. It is perfect for beginners and experts alike. It is available for $299 and through various online retailers.