Epson’s BrightLink 455Wi-T

BrightLink-455Wi-TOn Sept 7th Epson released the BrightLink 455Wi-T a high performance projector and table mount. It is being produce for Copernicus Education Products and it turns any tabletop into an interactive learning area. The area can be up to 60 inches in diagonal. There is also a pen that goes with it which will allow students and others to collaborate on projects and lessons. Because the BrightLink 45Wi-T is flexible you can use it on any flat surface including walls, whiteboards, and tabletops of various sizes. It will also work with widescreen notebooks and visual content. It has a light that produces approximately 2,500 lumens color and white light output. It has a native WXGA resolution of 16:10 aspect ratio.

Back of BrightLink-455Wi-T
The Epson BrightLink 455Wi-T is currently available for an estimated street price of $2,199 through select dealers on a state-by-state basis. If you are a member of Bright-future the price is $1,699. Bright Future is a program created specifically for educators with special pricing and support including dedicated account managers, extended Epson limited warranty coverage for three years and a toll-free technical support number. Those who already have a BrightLink 455Wi can purchase the table mount for $189. Bright Futures members can get it for $129.00.

Epson is a global imaging and innovation leader dedicated to exceeding the vision of customers worldwide through its compact, energy-saving, high-precision technologies, with a wide lineup ranging from printers and 3LCD projectors for business and the home, to electronic and crystal devices. The BrightLink-455Wi-T is the latest in a long line of innovative products developed by Epson. If I was an educator or student the BrightLink-455-T is something I would want for my classroom.