Is There an Amazon Android Tablet Coming?

Rumors are making their rounds on the internet that Amazon will be releasing their very own Android tablet sometime in the third quarter of this year (which could be tomorrow or September or anytime in between).  In fact, today I even saw projected sales numbers – 1.2 million shipments in the first 3 months.  So what is actually known about this release?  NOTHING!  Amazon still is mum, so it’s all speculation.  Still, with the success of the Kindle, Amazon has proven that they can enter a hardware market and make a strong run.

Given the Amazon initiatives into the tablet and smartphone market with apps for Kindle, MP3 store, Video Store, and music cloud, it seems like a no-brainer for them to release their own devices.  Amazon also seems poised to make the biggest splash since Apple.  They have more behind them than any other tablet maker.

Reliable rumors say that Amazon will be releasing two devices, but all we really know about them, at this point, are code names – Coyote and Hollywood.  We assume this means two different size tablets, as opposed to a tablet and smartphone.  Perhaps 7″ and 10″?  We have also heard that one would run the Tegra-2 processor, while the other will sport a Tegra-3.  So, perhaps, they will be the same size and vary between entry level and pro devices?

That’s a lot of questions and absolutely no answers.  All indications point to these rumors being based in fact, though, so I assume we will find out more pretty soon.  So, would you buy a tablet from Amazon?  Do you think that Amazon entering the tablet market could mean real competition for Apple?

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  1. At some point Amazon will be shipping their own variations of Google TV devices as well, as they also fit into their model (Amazon Video on Demand). The tablets that come first will pave the way for the Amazon TV devices.

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