Hindenburg Field Recorder Lite Review

Hindenburg Field RecorderI have been messing around doing some field recordings with my iPhone lately. I was using iTalk, which works fine as a recorder, but in order to do any editing you have to transfer to your computer. I was looking for something that would allow me to record and edit on the iPhone. Today I have been trying out the Hindenburg Field Recorder Lite.  It allows you not only to record but also edit right on the iPhone. The Hindenburg Field recorder Lite has the following editing capabilities:

  1. Set, rename and edit within markers
  2. Cut, copy, paste and insert
  3. Scrub within a recording
  4. Play specific selections
  5. Move sections around
  6. Trim and fade sections in and out
  7. You can also do so basic Gain adjustment .

It real easy to edit on once you get the hang of it which didn’t take me that long. You can set markers by tapping on the time line as you are recording. Tap on the bottom time line to set in and out markers, which you can pull to their proper locations. If you want to cut, copy or clear a section just tap the middle of it. If you tap on the middle of a section that you have not marked it will turn yellow and you can adjust the volume for that section and also fade it in and out. I have only just started to play with it and I am already starting to love it. I think if my fingers were larger that might be a problem. I am not sure if I would depend on it for precise editing, but I suspect some people get really good at it. The biggest negative I have on it so far are the sharing options, which are email, FTP and the desktop client the Hindenburg Journalist, which is $66.95.  On the test recording I used FTP and it worked fine, I just wished it was linked to Dropbox.  The full version which is $29.95 does everything the lite version does plus you can save sections as favorites and import and export those as needed. The full version also does auto leveling and exports in both ACC and AIFF. The lite version also stops after a minute and you have to hit the record button again. So the lite version maybe good for trying out the Hindenburg Field Recorder, but if you are serious you need to get the full version. If you get the field recorder and the desk top application together you are looking at almost a $100.00 which to some people may seem like a lot of money for a couple of applications. Of course if you brought a separate field recorder you would probably be talking a couple of hundred dollars. Which makes the Hindenburg Field Recorder a bit of a bargain in my eyes.

Have you used the Hindenburg Recorder before. What did you think of it. Did you love it or hate it. Please let me know, I am considering buying the full version and want to know any problems I might run into.

3 thoughts on “Hindenburg Field Recorder Lite Review

  1. I’ve been using Hindenburg Basic for some time now and have recently upgraded to Hindenburg Journalist.

    I also have Hindenburg Recorder lite which I’ve only use a few times but like quite a bit. I wouldn’t use it for editing on my iPhone, why bother when it’s no issue to transfer into Journalist so easily and us the full programme but I imagine for some it may be worth while. What I do like however is the monitoring function, adding markers and the quality of the audio in WAV format that is exported. The one minute limit on the lite version is tough though.

    I have a Zoom H4 and H1 so mobile recording is sorted for me but for the spontaneous recording on the run I can see great value with Hindenburg Field Recorder, maybe I’ll upgrade to the paid version in time???

    What I like about the whole suite of products from Hindenburg is the quality and ease of use. Just enough features but not too many like with music editing programmes. I just made a short, very basic, introduction video http://wp.me/pYr4c-Sq of the ease of use of Hindenburg.

    For people who are recording voice and want to mix it with some basic effects and music I think Hindenburg is awesome and the best editing programme I’ve seen.

    P.S. I have no affiliation with Nsaka and just want to rave on about a good product when I get the chance to help everyone. You, Me, Them…

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