Apple Releases a new iPad 2 TV Ad

This weekend Apple began airing a new iPad 2 television ad.  The ad is called “Now” and it shows a mix of built-in features and third-party content is on display, including FaceTime, the iBookstore, and iTunes U as well as Spin, Star Walk, The King’s Speech, and The Wall Street Journal.  The announcer explains how iPad makes it possible to such things as “watch a newspaper” and “listen to a magazine”.

It’s a clever little ad that shows off some of the tablet’s best features.  No doubt it will get plenty of airtime over the coming days and weeks.  As with previous iPad ads, this one doesn’t give hardware specs as some of the other tablet competitors are doing.  That’s a wise move, as it keeps rivals from being to effectively use pure hardware specs to compete.

You can check out the ad below.