Google Updates Search App for iOS

A couple of months ago Google released a new Search app for iOS devices.  Now, today, they are releasing an update to that app based on user feedback they have received.  The new version is touted as faster and easier to use.

Google claims that search is now 20% faster as you type in your queries.  They have also turned off the “Just Talk” app by default claiming that it was a part of the slower performance that users were experiencing.  Just Talk allowed users to search via voice by bringing the phone up to their ear and speaking, rather than tapping ,the microphone icon.  It can be re-enable by users by visiting the Settings > Voice Search menu.

Google has also increased the size of the font that appears in search results, making it easier to read on a small screen.  They have also made the entire result “tappable” as opposed to just the actual link.

Both of these improvements should enhance the usability for all iOS device owners.  Google, in mobile especially, needs to continue moving forward with improvements given that Bing is suddenly emerging.  While Bing has a great mobile service, I wouldn’t go so far as to call them a competitor yet, but they are at least the little dog that nips at ankles.