I was going to write this a couple days ago, but I been having too much fun playing with the application. If you like to watch videos from Youtube but are not happy with the YouTube interface on the iPad you may want to take a look at VideoHunters from the The APP Company.

VideoHunters is a great way to find, organize and share YouTube Videos. They start you off with a couple of themes already set up to get you started. To set up a new theme you simply click on New in the upper right hand corner, name your theme and start searching. Once you find something you like  you can add it to the theme, each search that you add becomes a new row within a theme.  If you want you can join search terms together.   You can filter search by adding and subtracting search terms. For example I like the Anime Bleach, however I have no interest in Cosplay, so I created a search term Bleach -“cosplay”, which created a row with videos about Bleach but no cosplay. You can add as many rows as you want. If you enter a search term and hit the Channel Button VideoHunter will pull up YouTube channels that match your search term. You can also use a a thumbnail of one of the video as the icon for that theme. When your ready to watch, your videos will play at the highest quality available including HD.

There are a couple of things that I do wish VideoHunter could do, the first is I wish it would auto play the next Video. I also wish it would work with other video services. This is a wish maybe coming true because it looks like one of the updates is Vimeo support. I f you like YouTube and have a iPad I recommend getting VideoHunter.

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  1. Just got VideoHunters based on this review and it was well worth it. I use it for searching YouTube, and making the elaborate cool themes based on whatever I am interested at the time. I just did one on some of the music I like, I then shared it on facebook and twitter. Then some of my friends who grabbed the code from my facebook, used Videohunters to make the theme even better and shared it back to us all. Pretty cool, 5 of us were building and building this amazing music search theme. Anyway, check it out, I see it is #54 overall iPad app, so lots of others must be getting into it.

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