Amazon App Store Launching March 22

This past Friday we got some information on the new Amazon App Store, which will, supposedly, be launching on Tuesday March 22nd.  The store will be available on the Amazon website and also as a mobile app.

Mostly what we know are still rumors.  Amazon will take the same 30 percent as other app stores like iTunes, Google, and Microsoft.  A restriction on developers that would prevent them from linking to other apps through any other portal than Amazon’s store.  There is one thing we know for sure – it will include the new Angry Birds Rio, which will be exclusive to Amazon only.

It’s the first, and only, challenger to the Android Market.  Challenging Google is a tall order, but Amazon is probably one of the few internet entities that has a chance of pulling it off.  They are, hands down, the leader in the eBook market, a major challenger to iTunes in the MP3 market, and the clear leader in internet shopping.

It looks as if all of the questions will be answered  very soon.  Providing March 22nd is, in fact, the actual release date, then we will know what is included, but it will take a while to find out if it can challenge Google.  I will assume the Amazon App Store will be available for download from the Amazon mobile website.  Downloading it from the Android Market seems to be too much of an irony.