AZiO Keyboard for the iPad

I needed a bluetooth keyboard that I could use with my iPad. I did take a look at the Apple keyboard, it looked very nice, but expensive. I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend $70.00 on something that there was a good chance I would spill something on or leave it somewhere. So I kept looking, I was on the Newegg site picking up an HDMI splitter and I saw the AZiO Keyboard. It said it was iPad ready and it was white, plus it was about $40 cheaper then the Apple keyboard. It is like the Apple wireless keyboard in that it doesn’t have the number keys on the side, but since I never use them anyway I don’t miss them. It does have an extra column on the right hand side which has function keys f14 thru f16, plus page up and page down, so it is slightly larger then the Apple keyboard.

While connecting the keyboard to the iPad I did have to push the connection button on the keypad twice , when it lost connection. However once it was connected and I entered the number given I have not lost the connection since then. The keyboard feels like it was build out of lego parts, another words a little plasticly and cheap. The keys are like chiclets and do make a clicking sound when you type. The Apple keyboard feels much more substantial and better made. If you want a keyboard that looks good and is silent then I would lean toward the Apple keyboard. However if you just want a keyboard that you can throw in a bag with your iPad and it works, but it you loose it no big deal, then the AZiO KB333BM keyboard is perfect. It is available through various sites, including NewEgg where you can get it for $39.00.

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  1. i am not sure if i would prefer a ipad keyboard. I think ipad is cool itself and very user friendly. thanks for the article

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