IOGEAR HD Audio/Video Switch

Like a lot of people the number of devices that I have that require an HD connection have out grown the number of connections on the back of my monitor. So I went looking for an HDMI switch. I ended up picking up the IOGEAR GHDSW3KIT2 HD Audio/Video Switch It has 3 ports where you connect the devices to and one connection to the monitor. It comes with one HDMI cable and a IR remote control. It does not come with a power source, although it does have a power input. According to the IOGEAR site for most devices a power adapter is not require, but there are still some devices that don’t deliver enough power through the HD cable so the IOGEAR can be connected a adapter to offer the power.

It is easy to set up simply connect your devices into one of the three inputs and then connect the IOGEAR to the monitor. This will even work with DVI devices through a HDMI to DVI adapter. Once everything was connected it worked immediately. It can handle 480I, 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p video resolution and up to 8 channel surround sound. Switching with the remote works well. If you connect through a DVI adapter the switching may not be as smooth as a direct HDMI connection, but it still works. One of the reasons I chose this adapter over others in the same price range ($39.99 on Newegg) is that it comes with a remote. I have only had the switch for a couple of days and the only problem that I have seen is that one time it switched by itself. Or at least I think it did. I was working on something and I looked up and it had switch to a different device, It is possible I hit the remote without knowing it. Other then that I have had no problems with it and am glad I purchase it. Although I do wish I had waited till this weekend because its on sale for $21.99 on Newegg.

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