News360 a Review



If you are a a big fan of Flipboard on the iPad then you may want to take a look at News360 . News360 is a news aggregator created by a Russian start up company based in Moscow. At this time it collects from 500 sources, but is expected to increase to 1,000 sources soon. It uses artificial intelligence and semantic analysis to choose the sources and articles. It is beautiful and easy too use.



Picture flow pass, see something that looks interesting click on it.


You will see the link to the subject of the picture.


Summary Page gives you a brief summary of the article. A link to the orginal article. The ability to share throught Facebook or Twitter and to save to Instapaper and Email. If you click on the source of the article, it will bring to a page with a link to a company Web sites.


The page will also have a list of other feeds from that Web site and you can also and you can add the site to your favorite sources.


If you leave highlight on, it will highlight the other companies and Web sites that are listed in the article. Click on a highlighted company and you can see a summary of that company. The site does divide into various category. You can also link it to your Facebook account a it will then add articles based on what is in your Facebook account. I find News360 fun and easy to use. If you like to control everything then News360 is probably not for you, however if you just want the best articles brought to you in various categories then I would recommend News360.  It did have trouble loading once and it also froze one time, despite these few problems I do recommend News360.