Hauppauge Streams Live TV To iOS

Brice Washington, of Hauppauge, stops by to chat with Andy about streaming live TV to iOS devices via their Broadway.  In this video you will get a look at their new device that can hook to your over-the-air or cable TV service and then broadcast, wirelessly, that signal to any iOS device within range.  Just access the stream by entering the IP address of the Broadway.  Better yet, connect the Broadway to the internet and you’ll be able to access it’s stream, not just from your home network, but from anywhere in the world where you have internet access.  You can also hook other video sources, like a DVD player to it.

Retail price will be set at $199 and should be available within the next month.  Not a bad price considering all it does, and if you have an iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV then it will be pretty handy – both at home and on the road.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News and Esbjorn Larsen of MrNetCast.com.

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