Clicker TV

One of the great things about life today is that if you miss something on TV or at the movies, you can be almost guaranteed that you will find is somewhere on line. The problem is where. You might be able to get it through Hulu or iTunes or maybe Xfinity (Comcast’s on-line portal), not to mention the channels own Web site. Its like having five hundred channels without any guide. You could go to each Web site and try to find a show that way, but that takes too long. If you have a Google TV you are all set. However if you don’t have Google TV, one option you might try is a site called Clicker TV, which aggregates what is available on Itunes, Amazon On-demand, Xfinity, Netflix or Hulu along with on-line video sites such as YouTube, Mevio among others.

When you first come to the site on the left hand side you will see some search options. The first is a general search option where you can search for a specific show or by keyword over all available sources. If you are not looking for a specific program, but are interested in a certain category, then you would want to use the category option. The category option shows every category from Action and Adventure to Travel. You can also see what is popular within a specific type of media, such as TV, Movies and Web Video. Once you find the video you want if you click on it will bring up available episodes and where you can get them. Some you can play directly on the Clicker site, most are available through external sites. If you decide to sign up for the site, which I recommend it allows you to create a queue of your favorite videos.

Clicker does have both an iPhone and an iPad app. The one thing that the Iphone application has that the main Web site doesn’t appear to is the ability to search for only videos that are free.  If you click on a subscription and then on a specific episode you can have it show you those videos that are available on the iPhone or all videos. You can also have it show you only episodes that are available for free. Clicker TV is a good aggregator, I do wish it was available on the Roku, which has no overall search option.