LG to Introduce a New 3D TV at CES

3D TV technology is still in its infancy and has not gone main stream. The two biggest roadblock are the lack of content and the glasses that have to be worn to see 3D TV. Korean based LG is expected to introduce a 3D TV at CES 2011 that does not require active shutter glasses (also called LC shutter glasses), Why is this important? It is important because active 3D glasses are heavy and awkward. The other problem with active glasses is the way they work. Active shutter glasses create the 3D effect by becoming dark when a voltage is applied. The glass is darken and lighten alternatively over each eye in unison with the TV’s refresh rate. This can create flickering at high refresh rates and cause some people to get headaches and become nausea. To create the voltage active shutter glasses must have a battery attached, this adds to the weight of the glasses and can make then uncomfortable over time.

The new LG TV will use passive glasses which create 3D images by using opposite polarize glasses for the left and right eye. The TV screen will have a dual layer, which each layer polarized for one of the eyepieces. Each eye see’s a distinct image which is necessary for 3D stereoscopic viewing. There are two types of polarized 3D glasses Linearly and Circularly, although no specs have been released on this TV however I suspect it will use circularly polarized glasses since the user can tilt their head and not loose the 3D effect. No matter which type of polarization is used no battery is required so the glasses will be lighter and cheaper then active 3D glasses. The TV that LG is introducing at CES 2011 is 65 inches LW6500. It is a smart TV which connects to the LG app store and uses TruMotion operating at 200MHZ.

If you are at CES this year it appears that LG will be exhibiting in the Central Hall (8205 and 9742) and the North Hall Upper Level Meeting Room (N241, N243). If you are unable to be at CES then watch the Techpodcast Network as they cover 3D releases at CES 2011. This is going to be a busy week at CES for manufactures of 3D TV including LG

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  1. The shutter-style 3d offerings at last year’s CES gave instant headaches to all 5 in my group. Not so with this year’s offerings.
    The polarized glasses 3d methodology offered by LG and Sony this year is awesome. Wearing a cheap give-away ‘sunglasses’ (which LG gave away by the thousands-probably over 100 thousand!)there is NO flicker, even under flourescent light and thus no headache or vertigo.
    Best of all, the LG tv picture generally looked good *without* the glasses. Except when the image was trying for an exaggerated effect, such as the nose of a Harrier fighter or the ‘smile’ of a barracuda coming out of the frame at you (you’ve seen that cliche effect before), the 3D image was quite watchable without glasses.

    There will be a learning curve involved in shooting for this. The image goes ‘bad’ in 2D when articles ‘in’ the picture, appear to break the plane of the TV. So long as you are ‘looking through a window’ at the scene, it will look fine in 2D without the glasses and have a good 3D depth with glasses. But the image of a model walking up the catwalk towards you and visually through the window while cut off at the waist by the ‘frame’ of the window, is not only disconcerting, but requires a image differential on the screen ( a ghosting effect) which is annoying in 2D view mode.

    Don’t take the foregoing as criticism. This was amazingly impressive. I really wanted to see some sports in this format. The naturalness of outdoor scenes was awesome (barring the Harrier pilot trying to give the camera-man a nose-job!).

    Watch this (tech) space. I think shutter glasses are TOAST.

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