iStat for the Iphone



iStat for the Iphone is a great way to keep track of how your Iphone is running. As a stand alone application there are many things it will do. It will show you how long you have been in standby time. How much talktime you have used. What percentage your battery is at. How much hard drive you have left. What wi-fi you are connected to. It will show you your unique identified and your mac address. This is just the tip of what this application can show you as a stand alone application.

If you want more then you need to install a server on your computer. Once you connect your Iphone with the server, then you can use your Iphone to check the health of your computer. It will give you information about the health of your computer and send it directly to your iphone. You can check your CPU and Network stats in real time. It will give you full Memory stats including wired, active, and free. Need to check the temperature of your CPU or how fast your exhaust is running iStat will give you that information. You can also check your Uptime and Load average. Need to do a trace route to find out where a url is coming from. You can also use it to ping a url to check speed. You can connect to your computer either thru Bonjour, if you are on the same network or using TCP/IP when you are away from the network. You can install and connect to multiple server on various Macs. There is also a separate server available for a Linux and Solaris.

Istat for the Iphone is a created by Bjango who also creates a stand alone application for the Mac called iStat Menu 3. It appears they are creating an application solely for the Ipad, but it hasn’t been released yet. The Iphone application is currently on sale for 99 cents as this article is being published. The server is free of charge. The Mac iStat Menu 3 is available for $10.00. iStat for the Iphone is not an application you will probably use every day however when you need it it is nice to have it. It is definitely worth installing on your Iphone.