Printopia is an application that you download from Ecamm and it allows you to print from either your Ipad or Iphone 4 even if that your printer is not Air print capable. One of the reasons that Iphone and Ipads owners were looking forward the ios 4.2.1 update was the ability to print directly from their Iphone or Ipad. However, unfortunately only a limited number of printers are Air print capable. Printopia allows you to print to any printer as long as it is on the same network as your Iphone or Ipad.

Printopia can be downloaded from Ecamm and there is a one week free trial. Printopia is a server that goes on your Mac, there is nothing to add to your Ipad or Iphone. Any application that is Air print capable can now print directly to your printer from an Iphone or Ipad that is on the same network. Even if your printer is not available or you don’t have one, you can still use Printopia. Printopia can be use to print PDF and send them to either your mac or Dropbox. When you hit print on your Iphone or Ipad one of the options that you will see is send to mac, click on that and you have the choice of send to mac or send to Dropbox. If you choose send to Dropbox then that will appear on the Printer options. If you use send to mac then the page or document will open up as a PDF in Preview. If you choose send to Dropbox it is sent to a folder called Printopia that is created the first time you use it this way. Of course it goes without saying that you need to have a Dropbox account for the Dropbox choice to be used.

If you are having trouble making it work there are a couple of things that you want to try. The first is make sure both your Iphone or Ipad and your printer are on the same network. Second check to see if there is a firewall installed, if there is you will need to allow the Printopia server through. Finally if the first two don’t fix the problem, remove the printer from your network and re-add it. One of these three tricks should fix any problem you are having. If you are not lucky enough to have an Air print capable printer I recommend trying Printopia, I believe it is worth the $9.95 cost.

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