Guy Kewney – RIP

I know most of the readers of GNC are based in the USA and will have never heard of Guy Kewney, but I guarantee you that every single UK reader over the age of 40 will know who Guy is and be saddened to hear that he passed away this morning aged 63.  He’d been suffering from bowel and liver cancer.

Guy was the IT journalist for over 25 years, writing for several of the major IT magazines but he will always be associated with Personal Computer World (PCW) which sadly folded about a year ago, a victim of the economic downturn.  His column was always the first I turned to when the magazine fell through the letterbox and onto the doormat.

I never met him but I emailed him once about a  feature he’d written, wanting some further information.  He kindly emailed back, obviously taking time to answer properly and not just banging out some two-liner.  Frankly, I blame him, no, I thank him, for getting me into a career which I love and has given me so much.  Thanks, Guy.

Requiescat in pace.