App Overload

appleI read an article today that indicated there are now more than 100,000 apps in the iPhone App store. There are 10,000 submissions a week for apps for the iPhone, most of which are approved rather quickly. How the heck do you navigate through 100,000 apps to find what you are looking for, or for something that can be useful?

And in reality, how many of those 100,000 apps are useful? It just boggles the mind. I get tired just surfing through three pages of results on a searched item at a vendor, I can’t imagine surfing through 100,000 apps to find something worthy. But the iPhone and its app store has created a cottage industry that holds true more than eighteen months after the iPhone was introduced. That figure is just incredible to me.

Makes me wonder what would happen if someone loaded them all one one iPhone? Ridiculous, I know. But out of all those apps, I’m sure there are many that duplicate each other’s functions, or provide slightly differing experiences for users. I am curious about how many are games, as opposed to production-type software. I’ll bet that breakdown is about 50/50 but I could be wrong.

For those using the iPhone, how many apps do you have? How many do you use regularly? And what ones could you not live without?