No Thanks

Last time I upgraded Yahoo Instant Messenger (I actually use the program both personally and professionally), I accidentally let Yahoo Toolbar install.  I never bothered to remove it, just left it in a disabled state and un-checked in the toolbar listing on Firefox.  This past week I went ahead and upgraded Firefox along with some long overdue Adobe updates.

This morning I’m working on a couple of blog entries and am trying to right-click and save-as a few images.  Funny, right-click suddenly does NOTHING in Firefox.  Works fine in I.E. 6 (which we are still required to use here due to some non-compliant legacy software), works in Chrome, but doesn’t work in Firefox.  I do a little googling and come up with some answers from four or five years ago, but none of them explain why, all of a sudden, I cannot right-click and save-as an image in Firefox.

I headed over to the Firefox support forums and searched there, and quickly found my answer.  The Yahoo Tool Bar in Firefox is the issue.  I had it disabled and unchecked already, only a complete uninstall was going to fix my Firefox problem.

I have always been cautious of add-on toolbars in the first place, and I should have just uninstalled the Yahoo toolbar when it first appeared.  Lazy me didn’t do that and today spent twenty minutes trying to solve a problem that shouldn’t have occurred.

Bad Yahoo!  Bad enough that they try to slide in their un-asked-for little add-on installs any time I download an upgrade to their messenger product, like Apple and even Microsoft do.  But even if they are disabled, they still cause trouble.  That’s twenty minutes of productivity I’ll never get back.

One thought on “No Thanks

  1. I had the exact same issue with FireFox, although it took me a little longer to determine it was a Firefox-only problem. Very frustrating. Also, on top of Yahoo trying to force their toolbar onto you every time you update Messenger, they’ve also turned every last open inch on Messenger into an ad space, where I’m constantly accidentally clicking on ads. Seriously, no thanks.

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