Apple Suffers Rare Marketing Loss

Recent Microsoft ads have attacked the image and value of Macs.  Whether the commercials are real or scripted, or if the product purchased truly compares is a mute point.  For several years the “Get a Mac” ads have poked, prodded, and mocked PC users.  Now for once, Windows is doing a decent job of marketing revenge.  You win one you lose one.  Take it like a grown up all of you fellow Mac addicts.  We had this, and more, coming.  We should at least recognize good marketing when we see it.

The point of marketing is to create a logical and emotional attachment to a product or thumbs_upservice.  Apple is perhaps unmatched in marketing and product presentation.  Microsoft has struggled as of late.  It’s Jerry Seinfeld & Bill Gates productions were beyond a flop.  Now the giant of Microsoft finally snapped out of it’s marketing funk with a sequence of commercials that actually have a little traction.  The emotional response finally went in Microsoft’s favor.  A long awaited ovation from the crowd can be heard.

Apple has said very little about the ads, other than simple statements reaffirming the “value” of their products.  Kudos to them.  After all, the recently released Forrester Research user experience report sings the praises of Apple pretty loudly. Calm down Mac users.  Let the fur on your neck settle, and your claws recede into your paws.  Macs are doing well and the operating system is an amazing fit for more and more people.  Apple HQ is staying pretty silent and so should we.  Let Microsoft have their moment.  They earned it.  Everything is going to stay the same. Even the price of my next Mac.  Expensive.  Ah yes, life goes on.

4 thoughts on “Apple Suffers Rare Marketing Loss

  1. It sure does seem like mac fans are a little bit cushy when it comes to receiving the same criticism they dish out. Arrogance many certainly lead them into a humbling when the real first viruses hit the OS. They do perhaps spin the truth pretty far out there on the Get a Mac ads.

  2. I think the funny part is how the Mac fanboi’s can dish it out no problem, but they sure can’t take it. I use most operating systems out there, Mac, Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD and all of them have their strong points. I find the PC commercials take the high ground, and Mac commercials are more like political hit pieces, very negative and distortions of reality.

  3. Good stuff. Microsoft finally got out of it’s own way and came up with some decent marketing. Apple fans (I am one) can still rest easy, the products speak for themselves in the end. I love my iPod touch, and before that I loved my nano. No one else’s product compares.

  4. Well said, my friend. This is the exact view I have of the mac commercials, which are awesome. (typed from my iPhone… I guess they worked!)

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