GNC-2009-05-01 #473 Tech News you Need to Know

Honestly I have no idea how my lovely wife keeps things organized, I am just glad she is not going to be gone more than 2 weeks. Lots of tech tonight and a few laughs as well which you will hear.

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Listener Link Submissions:
Do we have enough Bandwidth?
Media Companies: Use it or Merge it!
Clear Channel cuts 590 Jobs!

Show Topic Notes:
Lower Prices possible for Mac’s.
Internet to Suffer Brown Outs in 2012.
T-Mobile connected Digital Photo Frame Cheaper!
Motorola bleeding red in Losses!
Amazon starts charging by the MB on Kindle.
Monster Video card for Mac Users to check out!
.TV going away when Tuvalu sinks?
Microsoft to update Pirated copies of Windows 7?
A very Expensive Green Home can save you money!
Smile your on a Stolen Laptop !
FeedDemon Supports Google Reader finally!
2009 DOCSIS 3.0 Role Out Per Vendor.
Do you still have a copper Land Line?
Windows 7 Available Oct 23rd, 2009!
Are you Going to Podcamp Ohio?
HULU knocking out competitors quickly.
Payola may be dead but Radio stations are entrenched with old Media .
Are you a Early Bird or a Night Owl.
United States needs a Bot Army?
AT&T in battle to retain iPhone exclusivity.
YouTube gives dad info to deliver baby when no one else there to help!
NASA starts laying of Shuttle contractors!
Search Google in Gmail now!
Sony walks away from OLED display space!
Hacker Gains access to Twitter admin spys on Britney Spears.
Twitter Fadding dont let it happen to you!
Orlando Police Chief needs to read Constitution!
Sweedish ISP tells EU were not logging!
Next the government are going to be tracking us in our car’s and applying a tax based on usage..
Ok to stream AT&T TV Content but not 3rd Parties content
50 Tools any Home should have. (wink wink)

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