Earth Day Roundup

Tomorrow, April 22, is Earth Day.  I haven’t written a decent article an eco-green-solar lately, but that’s because there hasn’t been much in the news.  But I found a couple of things that should be shared for Earth Day.

By 2015, plastic bags (like those from the grocery store) should be made of 40% recycled bags.  That’s a pretty significant number, but I wish it was 2010, instead of 2015.  Around my house, we are using cloth bags for grocery shopping, and I carry around a stack in the back of the wagon so they are always handy.  Remembering to bring them with me into the store is another thing altogether, but the habit is building.  Now, if I could just train my husband in the use of them, that would be a bonus.  I also recently retrained my daughter to use paper sandwich bags for disposal of the cat litter.  We had been using plastic, but of course as we bring home less and less plastic, she was often bagless when it was time to clean out the litter box.  Sandwich bags work well, especially with the hard-clumping litter we use.

And from Italy comes news that the Vatican is current installing the world’s largest solar plant, to power Vatican City and as many as 40,000 Italian homes to boot.  At a cost of $600 million to build, it will be a few years until the system pays for itself, but it is encouraging to see it being done in the first place.  Long-term, we have to find a way to produce electric without burning up all our coal, oil, and ethanol.

Happy Earth Day!