GNC-2009-04-06 #466 Tech Packed Show

Great Austin meet-up, we will have a Dallas Meet-Up on Friday details of location and time to follow. Tech Packed show tonight, there is a bit of a surprise mid show.. It’s live to hard drive in its best form tonight.

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Listener Links:
Second Laptop Hunter Ad on Loose
Firefox Tabs Folder Style
Space Shuttle in Legos
Time Warner Net Neutrality Not

Show Notes:
Hubble Triple Galaxy
Copyright Holder threatened with Copyright Violation
Zecco April Fools gone Foolish
Antarctic Bridge Gone
Fonera 2 Coming Soon
BoinxTV Mac Screen Application
Microsoft Ad goes after Apple Big Time
FriendFeed Live Stream
XP until April 2010
FCC to look at American Broadband Policy
Time Warner its all about slowing down Innovation
UK Storing User Internet Data for 12 Months
EU Gravity Satellite in great shape
The Daily Hack
Ad Block Plus Maintainer RIP
Security Threat Analysis Review
President Obama keeps Pres Bush Wiretapping Protections in Place
X-Men Leak and Dumb Fox Columnist
ISS in all its Glory
ISS Crew Quarters
Mortgage Fraudsters
A.P. = MPAA = RIAA Protectionism at it’s best!
Windows 7 can be downgraded to XP
iTunes Light
Mini Hydro Turbine
Pogo Plug Review
Believe it or Not
Optimal’s Electric Car

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