Firefox Version 3 Beta a home run!

First impressions, much faster, smaller memory foot print, websites look much crisper. Overall A+ and as in comparison to IE there is simply no comparison.

Although Firefox 3 is still a beta, they have really hit a home run here. As of today I will use the beta version. Drawback to doing this is that most of my plugins don’t work. But the lower memory footprint really convinces me this will be the browser to use for a very long time. PcWorld/Reuters

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3 thoughts on “Firefox Version 3 Beta a home run!

  1. I’m kind of in the same boat as Brian. Overall, I love FF3, but until they get Gmail working fully I won’t be able to use it for much beyond testing.

  2. It’s only a browser!
    If you discovered a rack of potato-peelers had been moved next to the potatoes in your local store – would you accuse the manufacturer of planning world domination?

  3. Well I still cant see the contacts in my Gmail address book when I use the newest FF 3, until that is fixed I stay away from it.

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